We foster a supportive community by connecting BIPOC postdocs and graduate students with enthusiastic mentors who understand and share their experiences.

Next MOSAIC event: Networking Bingo

Join us for our networking event, on Thursday, Apr 04 at Russell Laboratories room 584 from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

MOSAIC will be hosting a networking opportunity where we’ll be playing Bingo, but with a twist! This Bingo night will offer a chance for fellow mentors/mentees and graduate students/post-docs in our community to get to know each other more, and most importantly have a night of fun together. Food (pizza) and beverages will be provided at the event, so come play, have dinner, and learn more about our organization and what we have to offer. 
RSVP by Wednesday, April 03, 2024.

We look forward to seeing you there! Any other questions or information, contact us at mosaicuw@gmail.com.

Upcoming and past community events!

Our Purpose

The purpose of MOSAIC is to render potential mentors of color more visible to up-and-coming academics of color, including postdocs and graduate students. Unfortunately, these connections don’t happen organically in a predominantly white institution. Students of color report feelings of isolation and in an overwhelmingly white space like UW Madison.

Our goal is to reduce the virtual space between graduate-level BIPOC on this campus and foster a closer community through these connections and guidance from enthusiastic mentors with shared experiences.

MOSAIC seeks to aggregate BIPOC faculty, staff, post-docs, and alumni to serve as mentors for BIPOC graduate students at UW Madison.

Professional Network: Career Discovery, Guidance and Development

This program intends to foster connections between professionals (faculty, staff, post-docs, and those working in industry), exchanging guidance and support. Interested professionals who would like to serve as Mentors will advise and guide graduate students.

Graduate Peer Support Network

This program intends to foster more supportive communities between graduate students, exchanging wisdom and solidarity. Interested graduate students who would like to serve as Peer Mentors will advise and guide newer and incoming graduate students.

Community Events

All our events welcome UW BIPOC Community from all colleges, students, research staff, faculty and administrators.

Thank you to our donors

Do you want to become a sponsor? Email us at mosaicuw@gmail.com